Practicing Self-Care

I want to challenge the society norm here, so allow me to vent a little.
I’ve noticed that we, the people of social media, are always eager to post and share the best of our best moments.
I don’t blame you.
Share the joy, I welcome it!
I also see how we share our progress of eating better, working out more, practicing more self love and *self-care*.
Whether that’s by spending time with friends out in town, going on a mini adventure with your dog, or hiking a mountain all by yourself..those are all great examples of self-care. I know because I’ve done these things myself already.
But how about this…
How about sharing the other ways we need to practice self-care? Like mental health care?
Again, somewhat taboo, but on the real.. why don’t I see more people checking in when they see their therapist?
Where’s the shame in having the time to seek help? I don’t see it.
Or maybe I guess I did, before, when Jason (my ex) and I were in couples counseling. Honestly, I wish I spoke more about that time of our lives instead of being swallowed up by the feeling of shame.
By believing that seeing a therapist meant something was wrong with me, and therefore I was convinced it was something to be ashamed of.
Giving people a reason to gossip meant there’s shame in seeking help.
Or so I thought….
If I had conquered the guilt of shame, maybe I would have been more open with my close friends on just how much I was struggling.
Or maybe I would have opened up to my family on just how much support we needed from them at that time in our lives.
Instead I held it all in.
Instead I tried to conquer all of my faults on my own.
That’s not how self-care works.
Self-care requires you to be honest with yourself.
It requires you to be vulnerable with the right people.
It requires you to dedicate time just for you.
Again, self-care can come in the forms of checking in at a gym, checking in at a restaurant, checking in at a spa, checking in at the peak of a mountain, at a dog park, at a library, etc.
All of those are great self-care practices I’ve participated in, but now I’m going to add this one: checking in to see my LMHC.
Some weeks are better than others I admit, but there’s nothing wrong with still seeing my therapist even when I’m doing great.
If I don’t set an intentional time to seek professional mental health care as a part of my practicing self-care, then I will never find a balance to truly find myself or to love myself.
So here’s this: if anyone talks about seeing a therapist, don’t make them feel like that is something they need to hide.
Applaud anyone who is seeing someone and is actively receiving help.
It’s the bravest thing anyone can do.

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