The D Word

The “D” word was never allowed in our home. It was never an option. Not even as a joke. Strictly forbidden. Catching on to how I said “was”?

My husband and I have reached a very real point in our marriage where it is an option and we are carefully trying to discern if that is our only option at the moment.
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My Life As a Stay at Home Mom

I saw this question/status posted on a friends timeline the other day. It wasn’t my first time reading it. But reading it again just gave me a huge reminder of where I have been on my journey as a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM). Becoming a SAHM… I became a SAHM when I lost my nanny. No, she didn’t pass away, but our arrangement came … Continue reading My Life As a Stay at Home Mom

Why I really hate being a mom…

Being a mom is one tough job. Like, unbelievably tough. I hate this job. Don’t get me wrong though, I absolutely LOVE my kids, and I don’t love them any less because I hate being a mom. It’s just a weird effect from actually becoming a loving parent. But seriously, that being said, I really fucking hate being a mom. Here’s why. It requires an … Continue reading Why I really hate being a mom…

“Prove them all wrong, guys”

I see this hanging on my wall every single day. It’s currently hanging above my sons diaper changing station, so I see it multiple times a day! Can I be honest? Deep down this note that a friend wrote to us on our wedding day 4.5 yrs ago, it’s what has helped me to stay above water when I felt like I was sinking.   I’m … Continue reading “Prove them all wrong, guys”