The Art of Deception

Recently I embarked on a 45 day transformation challenge through my kickboxing gym, I Love Kickboxing Kirkland. 45 days to get into the gym and transform yourself from the inside out. Something everyone wants to do right?  The motivation? $20,000 for the 1st place contestant. Now, the odds of me winning that, very slim considering there were over 3,000 others doing this challenge. I gave … Continue reading The Art of Deception


My Life As a Stay at Home Mom

I saw this question/status posted on a friends timeline the other day. It wasn’t my first time reading it. But reading it again just gave me a huge reminder of where I have been on my journey as a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM). Becoming a SAHM… I became a SAHM when I lost my nanny. No, she didn’t pass away, but our arrangement came … Continue reading My Life As a Stay at Home Mom

Wake up and shake it all off. Today is a new day

Wake up and shake it all off. Today is a new day.

I won’t lie, this has become my daily mantra. If I don’t tell myself this, it’s incredibly hard to get out of bed and actually feel like a human being with a purpose. I can’t tell if I’m chained to my bed because of sleep deprivation (thank you wonderful son who refuses to stay in his bed), or if it’s the depression that tends to … Continue reading Wake up and shake it all off. Today is a new day.

Tomorrow Is a New Day 

Yesterday as I went to the checkout counter at Subway, I saw a sign propped up next to the till, asking for donations for the #StrongAgainstCancer campaign. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a donation campaign to raise funds for children’s hospital for children fighting cancer.  I teared up right there on the spot.  I thought of Logan.  I then saw my wrist … Continue reading Tomorrow Is a New Day