About This Blog

Sara Dear PhotographyWelcome to #mylifeasaLeader! I’m Jazmin A Leader (yes, my name is a sentence). I was born and raised in Washington, and I love the scenic views of the mountains, trees, and lakes here in my home state. I especially love our Seattle Seahawks (I promise you I’ve been a fan prior to 2013).

I’m a single mom to two kids and a fur momma to a Labrador named Panda, and an Orange Tabby named Cat. I am passionate about life, my children, and trying.

I love to try new things, and with it I have come to appreciate failure. Failure, as I’ve come to accept, is simply a new lesson learned. So instead of never trying at all, I love to try whatever I can. If I don’t try, I will never DO. I will never know what I am capable of. So therefore, I try.

In my uptime, I am attending school full time as I get ready to become a licensed Massage Therapist. In my down time, I enjoy reading, writing, organizing, and trying to figure out how to play the ukulele. I love sharing my experiences with others, which makes this journey that much more special. I am so glad you are here to join me. I love life and still have much to explore. This is me. It might sound nice, but I promise you, the more you read my posts, the more you see my life is not glamorous. It is simply my way of living. So don’t compare yourself to me. Just chase your sunrise.

Much Love, Colorful Signature