About This Blog

Sara Dear PhotographyWelcome to #mylifeasaLeader! I’m Jazmin A Leader (yes, my name is a sentence). I was born and raised in Washington, and I love the scenic views of the mountains, trees, and lakes here in my home state. I especially love our Seattle Seahawks.

I’m a (former) single mom to two kids and a fur momma to a Labrador named Panda, and a Pitbull named Blue. I am in the best relationship of my life with my amazing partner Enrique. I am passionate about life, my relationships and trying.

I love to try new things, and with it I have come to appreciate failure. Failure, as I’ve come to accept, is simply a new lesson learned. So instead of never trying at all, I love to try whatever I can. If I don’t try, I will never DO. I will never know what I am capable of. So therefore, I try.

In my uptime, I am a full-time Massage Therapist. In my down time, I enjoy reading, writing, organizing, and trying to figure out how to play the ukulele. I love sharing my experiences with others, which makes this journey that much more special. I am so glad you are here to join me. I love life and still have much to explore. This is me. Chasing the sunrise one day at a time.

Much Love, Jazmin A. Leader | my life as a leader