date night jar remix

Date Night Jar (REMIX)

Grab a mason jar and jot down ideas on ways you can date yourself. On ways you can be more intentional with your friends, your family, your coworkers!

Give yourself time to grow more as an individual. It will be worth it.

I live in the Seattle region and so these are my ideas. If you live outside of Seattle, start asking friends for specific recommendations on places to try out. A place that they would never let their out of town visitors miss out on. Some of these things you’ve probably already done, but have you done them with the intention to date yourself?

So here is to 2018! May everyone’s journey through singlehood be as fun as these ideas are in theory.

  1. Skydiving: This was the number one suggestion from all of my friends! It’s been on my bucket list for quite some time. So now I’m adding it to my date night jar. This is a pricier option for me, so whenever I draw this out, I will need to set a timeline. 8 weeks of financial planning and then the actual day to do it. Boom. This is where I will be embarking on that adventure: Skydive Snohomish
  2. See the Ocean: I am a horrible Washington native. Born and raised here, I have NEVER seen the ocean off of our coast. (Whoops!) So, on the list of beaches to see the coast from, my top 3 options are: Shi Shi Beach, Second Beach, & Ruby Beach. Ultimate goal with seeing the ocean off my coast? Watching the sun set.
  3. Learn to do a headstand! I am a lover of pushing boundaries, especially my own boundaries. What better way to do this than with my physical boundaries? So, yoga class here I come! On top of just wanting to rejoin a yoga studio, I want to learn how to honor my body in a healthy way. While I still hunt for the right studio for me, for the meantime, I will get my body warmed up at home watching Yoga with Adriene.
  4. Go to a Musical: Lucky for me I live in a city where we have endless options to watch live theatre and musicals. So, depending on when I draw this slip out, this will also probably require me to set a financial goal plan, and I will need to search in advance which musicals are in town. (In general, most of my financial goal plans will be 8 weeks of saving $$$ and hopefully I can schedule my night within a 2 week time frame.) Theatres to catch a musical around here are: Paramount Theatre,   5th Avenue Theatre, & Seattle Reperatory Theatre.
  5. Catch a Matinée: This is pretty simple. Give yourself a day of fun. Watch a movie on your own, or with a friend. Play hooky with a co-worker. Just allow yourself to enjoy your time. I know theater options are endless in most cities, but for me I definitely wouldn’t mind watching a matinee movie alone, or with a friend, at the iPic Theater in Redmond.
  6. Host a Friendship Dinner/Game Night: I personally LOVE to host parties/get togethers. Being in community with those I enjoy most just adds to my life in such a positive way. You don’t have to be an amazing host to pull this off. Just set a date, and invite your closest friends to come over for dinner. If you want to cook, cook! Or just make it a potluck style gathering. Games are endless. I have a collection of board games, card games, and random video games. What ever floats your boat or those of your friends. Remember, the goal is to be intentional, and to have fun. You can do this one easily.
  7. Eat at a 5 Star Restaurant in Seattle:  I honestly don’t know why this is on my list. But I do have one friend in my mind that would be willing to do this with me. So, again, I might need to save up for this, but I hope all of those stars makes it worth it. If the food isn’t worth it, I at least already know that the company is. So Carlos, start saving, we are checking out Canlis when I draw this one out!
  8. Run in a 5K: I will admit, I have signed up for 3 other 5K’s. I only actually started and finished 1. (ouch) The first one was with my friend and my son on my back. We got to do 2/3’s of it before we simply had to call it quits. More so for my son’s sake. The 2nd one was the one I completed beginning to end. The Froyo run of 2016. It was so much fun! And then I signed up for a 3rd 5k the year after, but I was rear ended 2 weeks before the run and I was no where near ready to participate. I showed up, received the shirt I paid for, and then sat in my rental car and cried. So, this time I am going to try again, and do it!
  9. Buy Flowers: I did this once before. I just bought myself flowers because I can. If you think about it, when someone else buys you flowers, doesn’t it just make you feel good? Makes you feel valued? Well, why not do that for yourself? I was giving my friends a tour through Pikes Place Market when they came to visit from out of state. I happened to see a bunch of beautiful flowers and I simply couldn’t resist buying myself a bouquet of my own. So, this is definitely on my list again, I hope it makes yours!
  10. Go Paint-balling: I have never done this before. I have been warned, this is fun, but equally can be pinchingly painful. Go with a group of friends, and have a great time. For me, when I draw this slip out, I’ll be looking to book with Castlewood Paintball Adventure Park.
  11. Catch a Ferry and Explore!  I have lived in WA state my entire life. Grew up primarily here in the Seattle region. I’ve gone on about 4 ferry rides to the same island, maybe 2. Seeing how there are multiple options for me, this one should be easy to accomplish. I know nothing about the islands around me, so jumping onto a ferry will be the easy part, its exploring the towns that’ll make for the adventure. So, let’s see what our little islands have to offer.

Now I’m going to pause here with explanations of my ideas since I’m sure you get the gist of what this kind of list can offer you. I truly hope that this is something you can do. Some ideas can be cost free, others can require some financial planning. Do some alone, test your limits on what you can do on your own. Invite friends, share these experiences with those you love most. Make time for your family. Be intentional. But most importantly, have fun. ❤

  1. Visit a friend that requires a day long road trip
  2.  Learn to surf
  3. Go on a shopping spree (set a limit, take cash only)
  4. Climb a mountain (for me, Mt. Rainier is my goal)
  5. Go camping with friends
  6. Go bungee jumping
  7. Do a sunrise hike (plan this accordingly! You don’t want to miss out on the actual sunrise!)
  8. Sign up for a wine & paint night
  9. Play flag football
  10. Go to a symphony (Seattle Symphony)
  11. Skip school with the kids (stay in, go out, have fun!)
  12. Volunteer at a pet adoption shelter (Homeward Pet Adoption Center)
  13. Create & distribute care packages for the homeless, military, or children’s hospital
  14. Bake some goodies for your neighbors & write a special note to make their day
  15. Go on a cruise! (Plan this out financially, and time wise. Alaskan Cruise was specifically recommended to me.)
  16. Travel to a  different country! (I personally would love to see Spain, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, & Australia. However, a quick one I can knock out since I’ve not gone even though it’s a 5 hour drive, Canada will be first up on my list!)
  17. See a monument from another state! (Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, Washington Monument just to name a few.)
  18. Take mom out on a mother/daughter date
  19. Take kids out on a mother/daughter, or mother/son date
  20. Go to a ballet (See Pacific Northwest Ballet of Seattle)
  21. Go to a concert! (This is happening February 22nd for me. I’ll be at Chop Suey in Seattle to watch Lucky Chops)
  22. Go to a baseball game (Go Mariners!)
  23. Go to a football game (Go Seahawks!)
  24. Go to a soccer game (Go Sounders!)
  25. Go to a hockey game (Go Silvertips!…eeerrrr… uh..  Go Thunderbirds?… gah! I don’t know who to cheer for!)
  26. Go on a new hike! I’ve done Rattlesnake Ledge, Poo Poo Point, and I ventured and got lost in the Olympic Peninsula, but enjoyed a second trip out going along the Staircase Rapids.. I still have many to check off my list. I love referring to the Washington Trails Association for updated trail/hike info and to get an idea of the kind of energy I will be needing to pull it off.
  27. Go fishing!
  28. Go river rafting! (I’ll be checking out Alpine Adventures in Gold Bar)
  29. Go to a shooting range
  30. Get a make over! (hair, nails, facial, waxing, a new outfit? Go crazy! Look fabulous!)
  31. After said makeover, get yourself some updated professional photos! (My favorite photographer in my area: Brittany Van Horne of Brittany Van Horne Photography)
  32. Read a new book! Not just any new book.. make it a book that someone specifically recommended to you. This takes reading to a new personal level. You then get to finish the recommended book and go back to your friend and talk about it. Give yourself another way to connect with that person. ❤
  33. Host a karaoke night! (In home or out at a bar! Have fun, don’t hold back, and sing whatever your heart wants.. or whatever your friends want ;P )
  34. Do a Ghost Tour! (Seattle Ghost Tours)
  35. Do the Seattle Underground Tour (yeah.. I’ve lived here my whole life and still haven’t done this)
  36. Have dinner on Alki Beach
  37. While you’re at Alki beach.. have a bonfire with some friends!
  38. Ride a hot air balloon! (I’ll be doing this one in Woodinville with Over the Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Rides)
  39. Go paragliding! (This one will be done in Issaquah through Seattle Paragliding)
  40. Go Star gazing.. You know you might have to drive a bit out for this one. You need to have the PERFECT spot. So ask around! I know I will!
  41. Wine tasting! This one is easy here! I’ll be checking out Gard Vintners in Woodinville.
  42. Attend (maybe even perform) at an open mic night.
  43. Go to an Opera! (Seattle Opera here I come!)
  44. Go kayaking! I’ve done this a few times in different places. But this is where I intend to go next: Kayak Whale Watching in the San Juan Islands
  45. Go to a drive in movie! With a group of friends, or with the kiddos. (I’ll be making this a day trip checking out Blue Fox Drive In in Oak Harbor)
  46. Movies at the park! Marymoor has an amazing summer schedule to enjoy a good family movie with the kiddos. Just be sure to pack extra blankets!
  47. Create a Polaroid album! Take photos whenever, wherever, and just create yourself an album. Be as simple or as creative as you want to be.
  48. Go to an observatory! (Road trip to Pullman to check out Jewett Observatory!)
  49. Learn to snowboard! (GAHHHH! How have I not learned this yet?! Definitely will be making a trip to Stevens Pass for this one!)
  50. Go Zip Lining!!!! (I’ll be checking out Canopy Tours NW Zip Line Adventures)
  51. Go on a Mission trip! (I attend ChurchHome and they have an amazing Mission Trips Pastor that I absolutely adore! I’ll definitely need to plan this out, but will do it the right way accordingly.)
  52. Have fun! Go Speed Dating with a friend. Check out The Fun Singles in Bellevue/Seattle.
  53. Explore the Edmonds Waterfront (I received this recommendation quite a few times)
  54. Go to Sushi Land or Japonessa or Umi Saki House… Basically, try Sushi.. (I had a bad experience once and have since refused to try it again.. so wish me luck on this one!)
  55. Go on The Seattle Great Wheel! (take pictures! or it didn’t happen!)
  56. Do an Escape Room with a group of friends! (I’ll be checking out Quest Factor)
  57. Watch a scary movie. (I am all Rom-Com, Marvel, and Comedy… this one will be HARD!)
  58. Check out Beth’s Cafe in Seattle
  59. Check out Bakes Bar & Bistro in Bellevue
  60. Go to a Concert at the Park! (Luckily enough, I know Marymoor also hosts a bunch of these!)
  61. Take a self defense class! (I’ll actually be attending a Free Women’s Self Defense Workshop on March 4th with MKG Martial Arts & Fitness in Seattle)
  62. Check out the Tulip Festival! Plan accordingly! Mother nature can be tricky but the dates are currently open from April1-30th.
  63. Help teach someone something new. Any gift or talent you are proficient in, share it!
  64. Take a dance class! (OOOOH I so hope I can find a friend to join me, otherwise, alone is still okay too!) I’d love to check out Briora in Redmond!
  65. Have a picnic at Gas Works Park! (My absolute favorite spot in Seattle)
  66. Go to Purple Cafe & Wine Bar in Seattle
  67. Go on a Savor Seattle Food Tour!
  68. Check out the Hands on Children’s Museum in Olympia and enjoy the town with the kids!
  69. Go to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium! (Another one I have also not done and it’s shameful of me)
  70. Go to Ummelina Day Spa! Take a girlfriend, or a sister! SOOOO WORTH IT!!!
  71. Take a pottery class. (Play Unchained Melody on your way to your class too!) I think I’ll be checking out Dahl Arts Studio in Kenmore.
  72. Take a cake decorating class! (I know, I know.. I already bake.. but this can still be fun!)
  73. Now a truly beneficial class for me? Cooking Class! I’ll be checking out Hipcooks in Seattle!
  74. Go horseback riding! (I believe I will be phoning a friend for this one..)
  75. Visit High Trek Adventures in Everett! (This was recommended to me and it looks awesome!!!!!)
  76. Experience a concert at the Gorge!

I honestly have sooooo many other ideas.. some are broad.. some very specific.. But the point is, you get the gist of the kinds of things you can do.

Free, low cost, high cost, time consuming, fun, adventurous, etc.. Try something new! Enjoy your singlehood!

That’s it for now. Let me know what you think. I’d love to get feedback on stuff you’ve done that’s helped you. And a reminder, I will be writing about each slip I draw out and do. I can’t wait for the few I have already pre-planned, and for whatever fate tells me I should do.

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