Chiropractic Care

I cannot stress just how important Chiropractic Care is to your health. No matter your age, stage of health, ethnicity, gender, or status, chiropractic care benefits absolutely EVERYONE!!


It is not only for neck pain and back pain, or headaches. Does it help? Sure! But that’s not why chiropractic exists! Honestly, when Chiropractic first began back on September 15,1895, the first symptom to respond to chiropractic care was deafness. Crazy right?! Professor D.D. Palmer had examined Harvey Lillard, a janitor in his building whom had been deaf for 17 years! But after examining him, D.D. Palmer found a vertebra out of place of the others. A half-hour talk persuaded Harvey to allow D.D. to adjust him. After a single adjustment, Harvey could hear again. This was just the beginning to what chiropractic care was all about. Now, contrary to popular belief, feeling good doesn’t always mean you have good health. Good health is about having good function.

Did you know, that only 10% of your nerves are dedicated to nerve response and the rest of your nerves control your body movement and overall operation of your body? Guess what chiropractors take care of- YOUR SPINE!!! Your spine, which consist of 24 vertebrae beginning at the base of your skull all the way to your sacrum, houses your nervous system. Your master system of your body. Nothing else can replicate what your nervous system does. Keeping your spine at optimum health keeps your body in tiptop shape! Too many people wait until they are in pain to be seen by anyone. And too many people don’t understand what pain actually is. You see, pain is like a fire alarm. It signals that something is wrong. But turning it off doesn’t put out the fire. You have to find the root of the problem! Imagine if you’re at work and suddenly the fire alarm goes off. The fire department is called as smoke starts to fill the room. You and your coworkers exit the building right as the firemen arrive. They rush into the burning building and return a minute later saying, “It’s okay everyone! We turned off the alarm. You can go back to work!” How safe would you feel going back into your building? That’s just crazy! Just because the alarm is turned off, doesn’t mean the problem is fixed! Your symptoms are much like a fire alarm. The symptoms itself aren’t the problem – they are the signal that something is wrong. Pain, anxiety, allergies, ear infections, low immunity…these are only symptoms showing that something isn’t functioning correctly with your nervous system. And that’s how chiropractic begins to help you discover the source of your problems. From allergies, to acid reflux, colic, heartburn, indigestion, high blood pressure, ringing in ears, ear aches/infections, headaches, asthma, ADD/ADHD, bed wetting, repeat colds, sinuses, loss of energy, loss of appetite, restlessness, nervousness, memory loss, constipation, and I can truly go on and on; all of these are symptoms of something not functioning in your body. And your body has an innate intelligence telling you you can do something to fix it. Your body wants to take care of you. And believe me when I say, you were not born with a lack of Advil. You were not born with a lack of Pepto Bismol.  So don’t allow all of those pharmaceutical commercials convince you that you are broken. You’re not. You are capable of living a life full of energy, full of potential, and full of happiness. All you need to do is discover the root of your problem. And that’s exactly what Doctors of Chiropractic do. They examine your bodily functions, ask a series of health history, check your spine for any misalignment’s and through x-ray are able to show you what is going on and how it can be affecting your overall health. Ultimately their goal is to help you get back to the truest form of normal. Allowing your body to express itself freely of any interference. A fun word you will learn is subluxation. Subluxation in short is any type of nerve interference in which the connection from brain to body and body to brain are not communicating at 100%. Interferences occur in three ways: 1. Physically (through traumas, bad posture, birth traumas), 2. Thoughts (stress can directly affect the way your body functions!), and 3. Toxins (what you eat, smell, drink all can intoxicate your body and allow for your nervous system to go haywire). healthy
For those wondering, problems CAN exist before symptoms begin to show. This is why chiropractors love to see newborns and expecting mothers. To give them the best chance possible to thrive right from the start. So please, I urge you all to call and find a chiropractor today if you want to live an optimal life, because truly it IS possible. Trust that your body knows what it can do, and allow it to do it free of subluxations. Free of any stress. And don’t be afraid of how your body handles everything. I know there are a few people out there who have tried seeing a chiropractor before, and they probably had a “bad” experience. Don’t give up on chiropractic because of one bad experience. Giving up on something so essential to your health is just absolutely heart breaking. My husband so cleverly put it like this to a friend one day: To judge a burger because you ate it at McDonald’s does not mean that all burgers taste that way. Just the same, not ALL chiropractors are the same. There are multiple techniques that chiropractors specialize in and they all have the same end result in mind, to get you better! So give give it a try. You can start as early as a new born (my son was first checked at 12 hours old) and as old as you want.


Below is a list of Chiropractors available in my surrounding area of Seattle. If you are out of state here is a link that can guide you to finding a chiropractor near you.

If you are in:

Bellevue- Dr. Josh Oncken at South Bellevue Chiropractic and Massage, you can check out their Facebook here.

Burien- Dr. Aaron Collins at Collins Chiropractic, you can check out their Facebook here.

Bellingham- Dr. Kelly Arnold at Barkley Chiropractic and Wellness, you can check out their Facebook here.

Kirkland- Dr. Ryan Coogan at Eastside Spine and Wellness, you can check out their Facebook here.

Redmond- Dr. Carl Moe at Tree of Life Chiropractic, you can check out their Facebook here.

Normandy Park/Des Moines- Dr. Genie Markwell at Pier View Chiropractic, you can check out their Facebook here.

Issaquah- Dr. Heather Denniston at Lifetime Wellness Chiropractic, you can check out their Facebook here.

Snoqualmie- Dr. Jason Green at Snoqualmie Optimal Health Chiropractic, you can check out their Facebook here.

Seattle- Dr. Nathan Clem at Discovery Wellness Center, you can check out their Facebook here.

Mount Vernon- Dr. Cheryl Schmitt at Vital Chiropractic, you can check out their Facebook here.

If you have any questions regarding Chiropractic Care and the many benefits, you are always welcome to ask me. You can also check out this website for those who are expecting or already have newborns (or children in general- not just newborns). Here are two Facebook pages to check out too! Educated Pregnancy and Pathways to Family Wellness.

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