Car Seats: For Their Safety

I know this topic is talked about constantly in the parenting world, but truly it is so vital to never stop talking about it. Recently I re-stumbled upon a mom’s experience about losing her son in a car accident because he could escape his carseat like crazy. No matter what style she strapped him in or carseat he used. Then this all happened. Tragedy. It’s … Continue reading Car Seats: For Their Safety

Marriage and Babies (Don’t Give Up!)

I noticed that ^ this ^ was one of the main reasons why Jason and I began to have issues in our marriage. Obviously if you throw in a new baby to an already existing issue, that issue becomes much larger. To figure this out takes a while. To nurture your relationship back to health takes time and effort. Not 50/50, but 100/100. When you … Continue reading Marriage and Babies (Don’t Give Up!)