The D Word

The “D” word was never allowed in our home. It was never an option. Not even as a joke. Strictly forbidden. Catching on to how I said “was”?

My husband and I have reached a very real point in our marriage where it is an option and we are carefully trying to discern if that is our only option at the moment.
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To the fellow mom that validated my existence today…

We interacted for about 45 seconds today at the check out stand at Safeway on 85th street in Kirkland. Your willingness to reach out to me while I tried to sooth my sleepy toddler in his stroller, all while trying to check out more items I could carry, you made a deep impact on me- more than you could have ever known. All you said … Continue reading To the fellow mom that validated my existence today…

Marriage and Babies (Don’t Give Up!)

I noticed that ^ this ^ was one of the main reasons why Jason and I began to have issues in our marriage. Obviously if you throw in a new baby to an already existing issue, that issue becomes much larger. To figure this out takes a while. To nurture your relationship back to health takes time and effort. Not 50/50, but 100/100. When you … Continue reading Marriage and Babies (Don’t Give Up!)