My Life As a Stay at Home Mom

I saw this question/status posted on a friends timeline the other day. It wasn’t my first time reading it. But reading it again just gave me a huge reminder of where I have been on my journey as a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM). Becoming a SAHM… I became a SAHM when I lost my nanny. No, she didn’t pass away, but our arrangement came … Continue reading My Life As a Stay at Home Mom

Why I really hate being a mom…

Being a mom is one tough job. Like, unbelievably tough. I hate this job. Don’t get me wrong though, I absolutely LOVE my kids, and I don’t love them any less because I hate being a mom. It’s just a weird effect from actually becoming a loving parent. But seriously, that being said, I really fucking hate being a mom. Here’s why. It requires an … Continue reading Why I really hate being a mom…

Date Slip #47: Snoqualmie Falls

I am super late on writing about this one. Better late than never right? So here you go! For those who live in the Seattle region, you know just how gorgeous Snoqualmie falls is. And now,  I get to join you know it alls. Snoqualmie Falls was absolutely gorgeous! It was a first for me but a refresher for Jason. This date was a little … Continue reading Date Slip #47: Snoqualmie Falls

Marriage and Babies (Don’t Give Up!)

I noticed that ^ this ^ was one of the main reasons why Jason and I began to have issues in our marriage. Obviously if you throw in a new baby to an already existing issue, that issue becomes much larger. To figure this out takes a while. To nurture your relationship back to health takes time and effort. Not 50/50, but 100/100. When you … Continue reading Marriage and Babies (Don’t Give Up!)