Date Night Jar (Our List)

All date ideas are drawn at random. Good luck and have fun!

Date Night Jar

  1. Go on a boat cruise“. Such as an Argosy cruise. Here’s a link where you can check out dates, times, and prices. We learned right away that rainy days are the slowest days (meaning there are NO CROWDS and you pretty much have a whole boat to yourself)!
  2. Dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant“. This was a slip I wrote out. I have only gone once with a friend and the food was beyond delicious! I just can’t wait to take my husband there! The specific location I intend to take him is in Bellevue.
  3. Dinner on Alki“. If you are a Seattlite, then you KNOW just how gorgeous Alki beach is. So it’s simple, with the many different styles of restaurants on Alki, and the different things we can do, we get a chance to stroll up and down the beach and just pick a random spot and enjoy our view.
  4. Go to a movie theater- HIS pick“. I know, I know. A movie? Really? Yes really! It’s a date! Have fun and get to know your spouse on a different level. How many times do spouses argue over which movie to watch and then it always ends in an argument, or with one dissatisfied spouse. Keep it simple and remember to keep learning about your spouse. Let this one be his choice. The location, the movie, and the food that you guys eat. It’s all HIS CHOICE.
  5. Paddle boarding“. This was a suggestion made by my friend. Neither myself nor my husband have ever gone paddle boarding, so this will be a fun date to blog about once we draw it out. So far these are the options we will look into (unless someone else has a different recommendation): Greenlake, Urban Surf, or Alki.(See I told you there’s lots to do on Alki.)
  6. Watch the Seattle Symphony“. I will admit, this one was my idea, and I can’t wait. I have been wanting to dress up for a date since I was a younger version of me. The Seattle Symphony seems like the perfect place to do so!
  7. Flip a coin to either go on a Seattle Market Ghost Tour, or Seattle Underground Tour“. It’s either or simply because these kinds of tours would also be fun to do when out of town family come to visit. I want to experience one with my husband and the other with family. We both agreed that it was a fair suggestion.
  8. Go to a benihana restaurant“. Specifically one that was recommended to us that is in Bellevue called Tokyo Steak House.
  9. Have some chicken and maybe some sex“. (I wonder who slipped that one in there…) Well, I guess we’ll go watch Anchor Man while we are at it too. Ha!
  10. Go to a sporting event. If tickets are not available, go to a bar where we can watch one“. For us that can mean watching the Seattle Mariners, Seattle Sounders, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Storm or even the Seattle Thunderbirds.
  11. Go ice skating (in the winter) at Bellevue Square Park“. I hope we draw this one out on time. We have to try our best and aim from November 29-January 12.
  12. Get dressed up and meet up as Strangers“. If you could go back to your first date with your spouse, what would you do differently? I guess we’ll find out sooner or later. Ssssshhhhh… My new name will be Daphne 😉
  13. Tennis“. Seriously who doesn’t love a good game of tennis?! Well, whenever we get to do this one, we will have to buy a new set of rackets since mine are lost and no where to be found. I like new things! But if you already have your own set, this date is FREE!
  14. Go to the ZOO and take your own food for a picnic!” Yes!!!! I love picnics and I can’t wait to go to one KID FREE!!! The Zoo that we would most likely be going to is Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah since it’s a smaller zoo that we can view in a shorter amount of time, and is typically less crowded. Plus we have been to Woodland Park Zoo a million times-but this is still a lovely contender for those who wish to go to WPZ instead. (:
  15. Re-Enact First Date“. For me, this would be amazing. Our first date is when I knew that my then boyfriend was eventually going to be my now husband. I am so glad he is and that he went out of his way and planned anxiously for two weeks the perfect first date. And indeed he hit it out of the park. Have fun with this one everyone- my hope right now is that your first date was just as awesome, or better yet a second chance to tweak a few things 😉
  16. Sunset Watching“. The good ole cliche of all dates, watching the sun set together. I hope my babysitter doesn’t mind staying up a little this time around. I was recommended to go to this location specifically (somewhere in Bellevue- hopefully we find it) in order to capture the best view possible. I would also enjoy the view from Kerry Park in Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill neighborhood.
  17. Dinner and Art at The Mark in Burien“. This was recommended to me a few times by various friends, I figured this would be the perfect time to enjoy a fun night of Drunken Easel as it’s called. I hope one of us is an artist!
  18. Wine Tasting“. This is something I have never done. Neither has my husband. We aren’t big on wine but this is a good time as any to dive into the world of wine. Here are a few locations we will be looking at for when the time comes to choose. –Pete’s Wine Shop in Bellevue –The Grape Choice in Kirkland or possibly –Chateau Ste Michelle’s in Woodinville. Do we bring our own cheese and grapes? Haha
  19. Pick a random date from $5 dates website“. My husband wrote this one down, and luckily I know what he is referring to. It’s actually $20 dates and you can visit How we will pick one at random is beyond me, but we’ll make it work and I’ll let you know which one we end up doing when the time comes!
  20. Walk the I-90 Bridge“. This one is free, woohoo! I guess we will have to figure out if we want to drive two cars and park on both ends or go in one car and walk the bridge twice! A couple that works out together stays strong together right? 🙂
  21. Mini road trip to Leavenworth“. My family has gone to Leavenworth so many times… all WITHOUT me! Who better to go with than my own husband to venture off for a few hours! This cute little German town I’m sure will be the perfect setting for a charming date.
  22. Lucky Strike (Gaming Center and Dinner).Lucky Strike in Bellevue is a trifecta of fun. You have bowling, arcade games, restaurant/bar. There are also two pool tables! If you go at night on the weekends it’s also a 21+ over club! But for our date we will keep it all young at heart and stick to the arcade and food.
  23. Dance Class/Lessons“. So I LOVE to dance! Am I great at it? No. But outside of when I’m blasting music as I clean, I don’t get to dance very often. Jason will not dance, so I figured this would be my only chance to actually learn and have my husband be my dance partner! (Sorry babe!) –> Super happy there are NO veto’s! Hopefully this place in Bellevue will go easy on us.
  24. Dress each other and go bowling“. I’m guessing it would be more fun if we went when the black lights are on… You know, so we can stand out in that awesome neon pink (at least that’s something I will choose for my husband to wear) ha! A few fun places we can go to are: Tech City Bowl in Kirkland, Lucky Strike in Bellevue or even ACME Bowl in Tukwila.
  25. Look up and visit Open Houses“. I apologize to any Realtor friends reading this, we are going to buy one day, but not until a few more years.. so for the meantime going to some random open houses are actually real fun for me. You know, to look around potential neighborhoods, and to get a good idea of what I would want my future home to look like. So thank you to Jason for writing this and adding it to the jar! My husband knows me so well ❤ I am REALLY excited for this one!
  26. Go Bowling (with or without friends)“. I guess my husband and I think alike! No such thing as too much bowling! Plus this one can potentially include some other adults! When you spend all day with 2 kids, it’s pretty nice participating in an adult conversation from time to time. I guess we have to dress ourselves for this one though.
  27. Go to a bar“. Sometimes you just need to unwind. To avoid a large bill, we typically walk in with a set budget for the night and take cash only. It’s easy to overspend, so keep it casual and just talk with your spouse and have fun. Pick one at random or ask your friends for any recommendations.
  28. Go to a movie theater (HER pick)“. Ah. So glad it’s not only a HIS pick. But for the same reason, keeping it fair, with no questions asked, you ladies should also enjoy watching a movie without the constant *sigh* or *ugh* or *eyeroll*. Men, please respect her choice as she respects yours when it’s your turn.
  29. Kayaking at Enatai Beach“. This one is fun! Jason and I actually got to go kayaking for our 2nd year wedding anniversary and we had a blast! Last time we got the dual canoe… This time we will be getting our own individual canoes (he was pretty bad at paddling).   We, again, went on a lightly raining day, but had the open water all to ourselves. So rain or shine, you’ll have a good time!
  30. Go star gazing“. Again, I hope our sitter doesn’t mind staying late. But this is a free and very intimate setting for a lovely date. Grab a few blankets and bring some steamy hot chocolate and unwind as the stars begin to light up the sky. Truthfully, I would love to do this at 60 acres park because of the big open field. But I’ll look up other recommendations if there’s a place with a better view of the beautiful star filled sky.
  31. Mid-day Hiking trip“. I am a huge fan of nature. This is a cost effective date. The hiking is free, the gas to travel to a good spot in this area is minimal, and the views are priceless! Hopefully we can snag this date on a not so rainy day but I guess we’ll just have to cross our fingers. Poo poo point, Rattlesnake Ridge, and Cougar Mountain have great hiking trails. We’ll have to pick one somehow. Maybe rock-paper-scissors this one.
  32. Redmond IPic Movie Theater“. This is a special way to experience watching movies. I have yet to go myself, but the word of mouth experiences speak for themselves. It should be worth it. We’ll have to make a mutual decision on what movie to watch, that way we can both enjoy the movie in a luxurious setting such as this.
  33. “Walk around Juanita Beach park“. If you haven’t been to the Juanita Beach Park, do yourself the favor and go. It has beautiful scenery, a large/long dock that encompasses the entire beach, sand volleyball courts, playground, and across the street play fields. It’s in a great spot in Kirkland with nearby restaurants. And parking isn’t really bad. Another free date, that is intimate with just you and your spouse. I can’t emphasize just how important quality time truly impacts your marriage for the better.
  34. Because I will humor my husband… “NO DATE TOUGH LUCK“. Obviously his slip. I guess I will interpret this slip as his way of giving me some much needed me time. Massage, mani and pedi are calling my name on this one! I wonder which of my girlfriends will join me on this “no date” solo date? 😀
  35. Visit the Space Needle, have dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory“. Because I LOVE SEATTLE, I just had to include both on this one. The view is breathtaking from the needle, and The Old Spaghetti Factory is simply a favorite for my tummy 🙂
  36. Go to a Comedy Club/Comedy Show“. Something neither my husband nor myself have never experienced before. Our lives together consists of so much laughter already, this is simply a genius idea for us! (Plus we recently discovered we live up the street from a Comedy Club!) Our two options for locations are: Laughs Comedy Club in Kirkland, and The Parlor Live Comedy Club in Bellevue.
  37. Picnic in the Park“. Free date! Make some yummy lunch, with awesome snacks, pack a picnic basket, grab a blanket, and find a cozy spot under a tree. For us specifically, I am positive we will be heading out to Marymoore Park in Redmond. This is both of ours favorite park. More specifically the off-leash dog area, but for a picnic, this time we will have to dine on the other side of the park.
  38. Ride the Ducks“. I am surprised that both Jason and I are natives to WA. He is a native to Bellevue, I am from eastern WA but have now lived in the 425 for the past 14 years, and somehow, neither of us have ever gone on a Ride the Ducks Tour. I see them riding around all the time when I’m in Seattle, and the people touring always seem to be having a blast! This is a date I am definitely looking forward to!
  39. Take a Ceramics Class together“. There is a cute little ceramics place called Creatively Yours in Crossroads in Bellevue. Typically meant for children and parties, but since we would be beginners I’m sure it would be a lot of fun! Maybe we can bust out singing the song from Ghost.. “And tiiiiiiiiiime, goes by, so slowly…”
  40. Seattle Dinner Train“. This one seems fun! I have apparently never truly lived since I have not done many of the things written. Sheesh! But hey! This is yet another reason why I am beyond blessed to have the husband that I have, because he is always wanting to surprise me and broaden my horizons. I absolutely love trying new things, especially with my husband by my side. ❤
  41. Couples Massage“. Bam! Bam! This one will be extremely awesome to do! Massage is such a vital way to relax and with two kids, you bet that we’ll need this! Thank you to Massage Envy for doing couples massage!
  42. Dinner at Buca Di Beppo“. This restaurant will forever be my favorite restaurant for sentimental reasons. I recommend this place to anyone who likes Italia food. (:
  43. Take a cooking class together“. We can do this in two ways. 1. Ask a friend that is handy in the kitchen to spare an hour or two of their time to teach us a family friendly meal that either of us can make. Or 2, we can sign up at Sur La Table in Kirkland.
  44. Go to a Rainier’s Game“. Assuming we draw this slip out during the season for a home game. Minor League Baseball is some serious fun. You never know when you’ll go to a game and watch a future great prospect.. Hopefully one that the Mariner’s can use, because they sure can use the extra talent!
  45. Go Laser Tagging“. Ha! Last time we went I won BIG TIME! I absolutely do not mind doing this again. It’s been a couple of years since the last time, but I’m pretty sure I still got it in me to win again 😉 Laser Quest here we come!
  46. Stay in and watch a movie, and play 21 questions“. Zero money. Zero kids to interrupt a quiet afternoon or night, all while learning about each other in a simple way. Thank you Netflix for your amazing services.
  47. Snoqualmie Falls“. Ahh, such a beautiful sight. It has been a while since I last went to Snoqualmie Falls. If you haven’t been, it is absolutely 100% worth the drive.
  48. Hack into the CIA database and tunnel to the center of the earth“. Yup! You guessed it… that one was written by my witty husband Jason. I’m sure we will have fun trying to make something out of this slip. You bet I WILL play along with this one!
  49. Visit The Great Wheel of Seattle“. I would really love to do this! It looks beyond amazing! I just hope the wait line isn’t too miserable.
  50. Seattle Aquarium“. Jason loves the aquarium! And again, another fun adventure without the kids is actually pretty nice. But don’t worry, I actually have a monthly field trip scheduled out for the next year for the kids and the aquarium is one of the places I will be taking them. So this time it’ll just be Jason and I.


This list is pretty long… We have more slips, but I think I will end it with. If you are able to pull off date night once a week, then you are pretty much set for the year! (We’ll let you skip 2 since the end of the year holidays would probably interfere with them anyway.)

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