I Do, Take Two

I Do, Take Two

Recently I shared on my personal page that my husband asked if I’d like to renew our vows after the holidays. I excitedly said yes and immediately begun dusting off the old Pinterest boards for wedding ideas since he and I some what eloped the first time around.

For those who don’t know my husband, this is kind of a big deal. And for those who don’t know our recent struggles, it’s an even bigger deal.

My husband is very introvert, I, however, am an extrovert. He loves things when they are simple, quick, and quiet. I am all about being loud, being extremely detailed, and if it’s complicated? Bring it on! Somehow this is how we balance each other out.

We are five years and five months into our marriage, so it may seem a bit soon for a vow renewal, but not for us. Not after surviving the many things that should have torn us apart. The odds were always stacked against us. The walls have been crumbling down around us for quite some time. So now is a good time as ever to reaffirm our love for one another and to update our vows now that we KNOW what we can face and what it means to say for better or for worse. And of course, since none of our families were at our first wedding (totally our fault on that one), we get to have them be a part of this special celebration.

great love stories endure great heartache
Now, as happy and joyous this point in our lives is, I need to be abundantly transparent with you: getting here was not easy. Getting to where we are today was not a fairy tale love story coming to life.

There were no fairy godmothers. No secret princes or princesses. No magic carpet rides. It was full on tough work. Like I said earlier, we have survived many things that should have torn us apart. Who we are today as a couple is a result of the decisions we made to keep fighting for one another. To fight for the family we have. To fight for the life we want to live. It was made up of the reminder that we made a decision to love one another unconditionally. But, truly, what did I really know what that meant when we first began this journey? Nothing.

To love unconditionally, as I have learned, is to love someone beyond their flaws. It is to love them through their failures. To love them through disappointments and let downs. It is also to be loved unconditionally in return. To be loved unconditionally is to let someone accept you for who you are. To let someone forgive you when you don’t want to be forgiven. To be valued more than you feel you are worth.

To love like this takes a lot of vulnerability. You open your soul and you don’t just share it slightly…you share it entirely. Learning all of this was so incredibly hard, but it was so unbelievably worth it.

My husband and I have pushed each other to the limits where giving up would have been accepted by all. We endured pain as partners, and as parents. We have had to trust one another when trust was broken. But choosing to push through this all, we learned to love each other more fiercely and more intimately than ever before. None of it came easily.

So yes, I am beyond excited to renew our vows. I am excited that we get to recommit to each other our willingness to continue putting in the effort to make life happen. To choose one another for a second time around, knowing just how hard it is and how worth it it all is to be with someone who can love you enough that you can create a home by just being in their arms. It is all so worth it.

I’m so grateful for this man. For the life we live. For the goofiness we get to experience together. For the life we have. I can’t wait for our I do, take two.

Mr. and Mrs. Leader

Pssst.. The photo with the quote comes from a very special photoshoot I was recently in. Sara Dear Photography took that photo as part of a girls weekend boudoir shoot. I loved working with her as it came at the perfect time. I felt sexy, and I felt like a brand new woman. So if you live in WA (Bellevue area-ish) check her out! She’s such a talented a woman who knows how to see you, the real you.

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