things my kids cry for during the worst times for no reason at all

Things my kids cry for during the worst times for no reason at all.

things my kids cry for during the worst times for no reason at all

So pretty much my two kids are the sweetest kids on the planet-naturally.

My 7.5 yr old daughter (Izzy) she is well mannered, and extremely sensitive to others feelings. She’s very quiet, a great reader, but the slowest person on the planet.

My 2.5 yr old son (Michael) is my wild child. Sweetheart for sure, but holy moly the kids runs, yells, and does everything times 1000. Granted, he has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) so a lot of it has to do with that. But toss SPD on top of his “terrible two’s” it’s no wonder I drink wine every night I can.

My experience with motherhood so far has been a fun one though. Many ups, many downs, and many firsts, as well as some lasts.

But my funniest experience with motherhood? Experiencing the biggest of the “are you freaking kidding me?” moments. The ones where my kids ask or cry for things during the worst times for absolutely no reason at all. Like, I am seriously wondering every time these moments happen if I’m alone in this. I know I’m not, but legit, I ask if it’s just me because I’m on the verge of going insane.

At the end of the night when they go to bed and I begin to miss them and their cuteness (but I dare not to ever wake them up), I begin to share my day with my husband and without fail these moments are the ones I share with him right away (that is, if I didn’t call him right when it happened already).

So, here I am sharing some of these moments with you. I’ll definitely be updating this post as more come along, as I am sure this will continue to happen for quite some time.

Things my kids cry for during the worst times for no reason at all:
(a majority of these will be from Michael)

  • because Michael asked for pizza, got his slice, and just looked at it.
  • because Michael wanted marshmallows for breakfast…even though we had none nor had he seen any  since a few weeks ago from our last bon fire.
  • because Izzy thought her brother took her blanket.. the one she was sitting on.
  • because Michael wanted all of the bananas on the fruit stand in Safeway, even though he was already eating one, and I had grabbed like 4 bunches of them already.
  • because Michael still wants milk. Yes, milk from the boobies he stopped nursing from the week before he turned 2 (no judgment here boobie haters).
  • because Michael wanted cupcakes as we were leaving the house. Full blown meltdown. We had none.
  • because Izzy missed me. I was standing right in front of her. We were in the grocery store… Sweet, but seriously?
  • because I put PJ’s on Michael… when it was bedtime.
  • because I put on the TV show that Michael requested….
  • because Michael wanted to chase his shadow but couldn’t catch up.. we were in line at the post office..
  • because I gave Michael water when he asked for water. Later crying that he wanted milk.. and then crying for juice..and ultimately for water.
  • because Izzy was ate all the popcorn.. Michael wanted said popcorn but didn’t ask for any. This was a pre-dinner snack, dinner was ready.
  • because Panda wasn’t a puppy anymore. Izzy was reminiscent about the time when our dog Panda was a puppy, even though we adopted him when he was 1 and full grown.. we were at a friends birthday party.
  • because Michael asked for waffles, and just stood in the hallway at 6 am.
  • because Michael wants help getting into the swing…meanwhile yelling HEEEELPP, HEEEELLLLLPPP at the loudest volume he possibly could.
  • because Michael wanted to hold Izzy’s hand crossing the Costco parking lot, not mine.
  • because it’s not Christmas (both Izzy and Michael have cried about this at some point)…usually this happens during the summer.

There are plenty more that I can’t think of at the moment (I’m almost done with my glass of red But I will absolutely update this as I go.

Feel free to share with me any time you’ve had these know, to let me know I’m not alone. 😉

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