Date Slip #47: Snoqualmie Falls

I am super late on writing about this one. Better late than never right? So here you go!

For those who live in the Seattle region, you know just how gorgeous Snoqualmie falls is. And now,  I get to join you know it alls. Snoqualmie Falls was absolutely gorgeous! It was a first for me but a refresher for Jason. This date was a little special too. We got to take our kids and our lovely mommy’s helper with us as well.

 We drove around for a while trying to find the right place to park. We were not too sure if we wanted this to be a long walk or a short walk. We ended up going the long route, but we were severely under prepared. Ha! I don’t remember much at this point, but that much I did. So for those that want a short walk, park at the Lower Park Plaza! I am certain if you type that into your GPS system you will be able to find it. If not, once you get off the freeway and begin to see the signs and the bridge walkway, you can just park there and walk across and begin the small journey.



So that is how we began ours. At first we walked around on the concrete pathway overlooking the falls. There were a few steps and wheelchair access paths, but for those with little ones- either baby-wear them, or have them wear some comfortable hiking shoes/boots. Strollers are not recommended for the walk down to the falls. But if its just the concrete pathway for a short visit that you want, then do as you please. 🙂

Here are the fun shots we got up on the upper viewing deck:


Looking out was awesome, but we went on a somewhat busy day, so we didn’t get much time to take additional pictures. (All pictures were provided by my mommy’s helper- my phone was dead at the time of this family date.Thank you Haley!)

The walk down the hill to the bottom of the falls was fun, like I said, we were completely under prepared. We did not bring a pack of any kind to at least carry some water or snacks. and since it was nice out water was REALLY needed. Comfortable shoes were not worn (if you look at the pictures you can see both Issy and I were wearing flats- major fail!). But the hike was still fun, steep and exhausting on the way back up, but still fun. Here are a few photos from the hike down:


There was a lot to absorb in, and halfway through my husband did get a call requiring us to speed up the “date” so that he could return to work so the amount of viewing and picture taking time was somewhat short. But all in all, the time we did get to spend together as a family was fun and memorable. The hike probably took about an hour and a half to two hours. I remember being gone from home for almost 4 hours, but we live in Kirkland, so throw in travel time to and from the falls-and the small detour to dropping off my husband at work in Bellevue.

On our drive to the Falls we actually missed the direct exit. So we went the “long way”. Which inadvertently gave us a small tour of the town and their historical area. So we would love to go back some time soon. Jason especially would like to go and visit their bowling alley. Not too sure what it advertised that day, but it was something that called his attention and anytime we talk about this day, he always reminds me that we should go back so we can go check out the bowling alley. (:

So if you haven’t been to Snoqualmie falls, or the surrounding town, take your time to go. The views are truly spectacular. The breath of fresh air was relaxing (even on the ridiculously hot day that we went), and the drive was quite calming. I really wish I would have taken my dog, but the car was quite cramped enough already lol. Next time buddy.


Until then, I hope that with the new team members my husband recently hired, after this 6 week break of no dates, we get to go back and enjoy more days like this. As a family, or just as a couple. I prefer the latter, but either works. Quality time is quality time and I will take it.

Truly under prepared..
Truly under prepared..

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