Date Slip #29: Kayaking

Can I start off by saying just how proud I am of both myself and my husband for NOT tipping over?! Ha! We survived our number one fear of tipping over while kayaking(but I’m sure we would have a gained a good laugh from it had it happened anyway).

So far we have been very lucky drawing out slips that are friendly for this weather. I can only imagine had we drawn out this slip in winter how much differently that could have turned out! (For those that haven’t read my original posts, here is the link to the date night jar with the list of slips in our jar.)

Well let me just share with you something that Jason and I learned right away this time around during our kayaking fun. The first time we attempted this was on our anniversary last year (yes, while I was pregnant). Last year it was a rainy day but we did it anyway, and we rented a double kayak instead of the individuals that we did this time around. HUGE difference!

The double kayak was a lot easier for balance. The moment we slid into the water in the singles, it was quite obvious just how easy we could tip over (seriously though, thank God we didn’t). I’m not too sure about the double kayak, but the single kayaks have little pedals inside. You can flip the tail down by pulling the string on the outside of the kayak by where you are sitting, and using the pedals inside the kayak you can guide where to go. We didn’t discover this until about 30 mins into our adventure. I kept paddling strongly to one side over the other, causing me some close calls a few times early on. But once we figured it out, it became a lot easier. Well for me at least, Jason said he preferred to not be guided by the fin. I still managed to get myself stuck even after the discovery, so it was still user error on my behalf. But still beware! Pedal or no pedal, tipping can happen to anyone! We actually witness a man tip over in his kayak twice when we were heading back to the beach to return the kayaks. *Always wear a life-jacket!*

So last year I took my phone with me and left everything else behind. I know, I know, BAD idea…but, I did place it in a Ziploc bag to lessen my chances of causing any water damage, and like this year, we did not tip over therefore all phones were safe!


Those ^^ were the only photos I managed to capture from last year. And as clear as they are, just know, these pictures were indeed taken while placed inside of a Ziploc sandwich bag. LOL We did also get to pull up close to some ducks! Sadly back when I tried to snap a picture of them, they began to swim away. But I did capture a picture of them using zoom.

Momma duck with her ducklings. They must be so grown up by now.

This year, I forgot to grab some Ziploc bags, so tipping over was an extra scare for me. But I managed to get myself out of some close calls and no phones were dropped (well, mine was in the car, I was holding onto Jason’s phone the whole time). I just carefully got it out when I was completely stopped, and snapped the few pictures you will be seeing below.

Anyway, as for this year, and as for how our date went, I would like to say it was a success and A LOT of fun. We couldn’t stop laughing at how slow I was, how crooked I paddled, and how stuck I got every time we paddled along the lily pads. Yup you read that right, I was the main source of our laughter. But I am 100% okay with it. Last year it was Jason who kept misguiding us, and kept our kayak headed toward the wrong direction (at one point we got stuck underneath the bridge) but overall it was simply a great time.

Price wise we spent right under $40. That was the rental fee for the kayaks itself (2 individuals), our life vests, paddles, and about 2 hours on the water. Typically the rate is $16 (or was it $18) for the hour, and then $9 for any additional hour after (if you return before an exact hour, they prorate the return fee according to the nearest 15 minute block). Just double check their site first if you want to know the exact price.

Seriously, my husband is just absolutely the sexiest man alive! How did I get so lucky?

This was Jason showing off his manly digs right before heading off into the water.

And then there’s me, and my awesome life-jacket (with a whistle) and paddle.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Look at that blue sky behind me!

Well for those who live in the Seattle area, you may be familiar with Enatai Beach. It is a small beach in Bellevue right off the freeway and under the bridge of the crossing bridge of I90 right before I405. It’s really nice with a kids play ground (with the softest and bounciest ground ever) and a beach with a dock you can walk around on or even jump off of. Right on Lake Washington.

You can see the VMAC from there and I keep telling Jason we should come back to rent a double kayak and paddle down to the VMAC but he thinks I’m crazy. Oh well. Well, around the corner and behind the beach though, there is a cool trail to kayak through Mercer Slough. This is the route we took that got me all tangled up quite a few times! But it was still worth the arm workout and the gorgeous view and the time we got to spend together. It’s a little over a mile for the full trail, plus coming back, so it truly is a great amount of time and effort (seriously though, so worth it!).


This year we even got to see a turtle sitting on a log! I was able to snap a picture via zoom on my camera, but same issue again, as we got closer the turtle just quickly dove into the water. Jason got real up close though! He got really excited to see the turtle that he just kept repeating “turtle, turtle” like in the movie Master of Disguise. Ha ha. We both were quite surprised as to how quickly the turtle could move though. I guess when we always think of turtles we think of slow pokes, but put them in their proper environment and ZOOM! they’re off to the races!

Look very closely.. there is a turtle right there. I promise.

Overall it was a lot of fun. I definitely recommend anyone to give this date a try. If you want to do something that’s out of the ordinary, this is it! The slough was beautiful, and intimate, and quiet. Next time, even if we don’t get to paddle by the VMAC, I know we will be heading off toward the more open water of the amazing Lake Washington. I’m sure I won’t bring my phone though, (Ziploc bag or not) simply because there is more boat traffic (especially on a sunny day) and the waves are more than likely to tip you over if you aren’t careful enough. That being said, I almost tipped over by simply getting into the kayak- and that was on DRY ground! So no phone for me. >.<

But married, or not, definitely a date worth trying. Shoot, there are so many kayaks available, go out with a group of friends! Have fun! Enjoy the sun while it lasts, and even when it’s not sunny it’s still something you can do and have a great time.

Right before turning back around in the slough. I had finally caught up to Jason to snap this pic. It was one of my greatest accomplishments that day.
Right before turning back around in the slough. I had finally caught up to Jason to snap this pic. It was one of my greatest accomplishments that day.
This was snapped right after we arrived back to the beach. Dry. Alive. and SORE! But so worth it!
This was snapped right after we arrived back to the beach. Dry. Alive. and SORE! But so worth it!
I love this picture. We were finally done, but very happy to have done this date. It was absolutely perfect.

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